Info724™ is an IT management consulting firm whose expertise is based on sound leadership skills. Our expertise is both business and technical. You'll find that our skills and knowledge cover a broad range of management and IT disciplines – all of which are essential to the successful development and deployment of business initiatives.

We provide you with expertise to effectively leverage the proven methodology of Six Sigma. At the same time, we are flexible enough to apply our powerful techniques and standard methods to support your particular methodology or way of doing business. Our resources also have knowledge and experience with specialty software packages in your industry, as well as skills in emerging technologies such as .NET and XML which enable your organization to achieve its goals. Our services and solutions include Internet, Intranet, and Extranet expertise since all websites, web applications, and e-commerce are simply solutions designed to improve business process problems.

We believe that business systems should be people-based, process-centric, and organizationally-focused... not based on a particular technology. Therefore, Info724 focuses on all three critical aspects of any project... the process, the people, and the supporting technologies to deliver real value for your money. Achieving operational and organizational efficiencies are especially vital in today's economy. Our expertise can be grouped into separate and distinct skill sets in the form of "Roles." The roles include: Strategist, Analyst, Artist, Technologist, Integrator.