Info724™ is an IT management consulting firm based in the mid-Atlantic region dedicated to helping executives succeed with information technology. We specialize in business process, technology strategy, and systems implementation. We help companies save money and leverage a better ROI through our special blend of methods, skill sets, knowledge, experience, and project management.

How are we different from other firms?

  • Our resources are well-grounded in both technical skills and business knowledge in combination with the capabilities of strategic planning and project management, which makes us uniquely qualified to add strong value.
  • Our solutions are of a world-class quality yet affordable for middle market companies.
  • We approach all problems first from a management or business perspective, and therefore see things through your eyes before providing solution alternatives.
  • We act entirely on your behalf, because we are both independent and objective. Although we have expertise in specific technology platforms, we avoid affiliations with vendors so that our solutions are bias-free.
  • We want to be your "lieutenant layer" which is designed to give full control to you. We're not trying to do your job and also we're not trying to do the job of your current programming staff.

A Guarantee from Info724™...

  • We'll be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week… Guaranteed. While you sleep, you can have peace of mind that we're working on your IT problems.
  • Our work is structured in a way that provides you relief from one of your key IT headaches in 4 weeks or less. Guaranteed.
  • We provide one day of consulting at no cost for your overall organization or for an initiative of your choosing, and we guarantee you a deliverable from that day which you'll be able to leverage for next steps. You'll only need to commit 2 hours of time for the Diagnostic Session and to participate in a follow-up discussion of results. The remainder of the free day of consulting will be done by a senior Info724 professional while you work on your regular responsibilities. On your behalf, we'll work to solve your problems.

You'll experience our value at no risk.