Info724 Ltd. specializes in providing IT management services to a diverse set of clientele, ranging in size and industry. The expertise that we have on our team can be grouped into four separate and distinct skill sets in the form of "Roles". The roles include: Strategist, Analyst, Artist, Technologist, Integrator. If you are skilled in analyzing processes, managing people, or implementing information systems as well as other business technologies, we would like to learn more about your experience and interests.

A career at Info724 can be rewarding in terms of compensation, skills development and overall job experience. Please contact us if you would like learn more. We are currently seeking applicants for the following job position.
Computer Systems Analyst.

Analyze business data processing problems to implement and improve computer systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems, review workflow, and business processes. MS Computer Science.

To inquire about current opportunities or to submit a resume, e-mail is our preferred method of communication. Your questions and comments are also welcome to the address Your information, request, and/or identity will remain completely confidential as part of the internal HR processes at Info724 Ltd.